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“So easy your grandmother can do it!”

     “Buy a drone, make millions of dollars in this expanding market!” Drones have been the new gold rush, and tho I feel it’s definitely waning, There’s still this prevailing myth in the UAV market that drones are so easy that you can buy one and go out and immediately go out and get great […]

FAA Inches toward making commercial drones legal

As you know flying Drones, UAV’s, UASs’s, Multi-rotors or whatever we’re supposed to call them for commercial purposes is a gray area. Technically nobody is supposed to charge for flying which is gotten around a multitude of ways. Seems like every day I’m noticing a low flying shot in productions and pointing it out to […]

Drones invade 2015

Welcome to Dronewrx and 2015. This plans to be a banner year for aerial cinematography as the technology has been advancing rapidly. We’ve put the finishing touches on our newest rig the Align 480, which is small and lightweight compared to other popular rigs. With a Panasonic GH4 attached it’s a low-impact combination which is […]