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Drew Cobb

Chief Pilot in Command – Aerial DP

As a professional drone pilot, Drew and his crew, bring a level of skill required when critical shots are on the line, but more importantly, a creative eye. Drew has been flying drones commercially since 2012. He obtained a Part 333 and pilots license when it was necessary, and has an in depth understanding of the dynamics of flying. As his film career started long before drones were part of the conversation, he is well versed in camera set-up, and “camera speak”. His positive attitude and calm demeanor under pressure are always welcome assets. “We are members of your team and work with productions to obtain the best possible results.” While many of our competitors have high overhead with office space, permanent staff, producers, etc. we keep our overhead to a minimum and are able to provide the same quality service, at a price that will make your producer happy.

Our recent credits include CBS “Amazing race – Big Brother edition”, Netflix – “Unicorn”, NBC’s “Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge”, Turner Broadcasting “You can do Better”, “NBC’s Law&Order True crime “, Chevy Trucks 2019,  HBO –  “Curb your Enthusiasm” commercial,  and national commercials for Suzuki and Kawasaki motorcycles.

Eric Bergez

Specialty Camera Operator, Stabilized Head Tech, (IATSE Local 600)

Eric Bergez has over two decades of expertise and achievement in the entertainment industry with a unique blend of on-set production and post-production experience.  Eric is a technology specialist and former Vice President of Intuitive Aerial, Inc, he continuously works with some of LA’s top UAS service providers and is one of the most professional aerial cinematographers in town.  A veteran of remote camera systems, Eric is repeatably called upon by experts in live broadcast, long form production and commercials to operate or tech in a variety of moving images.  Notwithstanding his drone prowess, Eric excels at providing alternative methods of moving cameras and remote camera solutions including car-to-car, 2D & 3D wire systems, railcams and remote stabilized camera systems utilizing some of the most advanced wireless technology in the world. Eric is the owner of Industry Sherpa.

Eric’s recent credits include: “World of Dance”, “The Masked Singer”, “Master Chef”, “The Orville”, “Watchmen”, “The Rookie”, “VMAs”, “AMAs”, and many more…

Austin Harris

Aerial Cinematographer, 1st AC. (IATSE Local 600)

Cinematographer Austin Harris has emerged as a refreshing young talent at the forefront of commercial and narrative cinematography. He’s a talented aerial cinematographer (drone cameraman) and 1st AC/DP.
Austin has worked for some of the biggest names including Marvel, Disney, and NBC while shooting some of the biggest commercial brands in the world. Countless brands have relied on Austin’s eye for details to bring their content to life. He’s been working as a DP since 2009 and in Local 600 since 2013. Austin has traversed the globe with an eye attuned to beauty and the human emotion. You can view more of Austins Work on his website: https://austinharrisfilms.com/