A BRIEF History

With a name like Dronewrx, obviously OBVIOUSLY we specialize in professional aerial cinematography. We started flying drones commercially in 2013 and never looked back. As our experience and passion grew, so have our services. Our founder, Drew Cobb, produced video content long before drones entered the picture, and a lifetime of experiences lead Drew to a career in aerial cinematography and robotic camera movement. Over the past few years we expanded our services to include: car-to-car vehicle stabilization. That led us to the development of a proprietary car-crane known as the ChaseJib.

In 2020 we partnered with Industry Sherpa to purchase the first Eagle Eye 100 system in the US. The EE-100 is a 4 winch robotic cable camera system that is making waves in the industry, with its features and affordability. The EE-100 can be configured in 1D, 2 D and 3D configurations. We also offer simple point to point friction based system like the Dactylcam, but can configure that with our winches for inclines steeper than 5º with a rock solid fiber connection for both system and camera.

Our services

"There's no business like drone business" With over 10 years flying drones commercially, we've expanded our offerings.

We now offer the Eagle Eye 100, a swiss made, four winch - robotic cable camera system that provides safe, silent, dynamic, repeatable camera shots to your production. With speeds up to 10 mps and payloads up to 23 kg. The EagleCam is, powerful, reliable, versatile and intelligent. even better … affordable. Some of our recent credits are Wipe Out, Coachella, Ford 2024 Dark Horse Mustang release.

The ChaseJib is a hitch mountable jib that provides Arm Car type shots for a fraction of the cost & set up, BUT without having to close streets. You can hire us or rent it. Combine our services to provide multiple camera specialties with one crew, reducing labor costs. We shot season 9 of TBS WipeOut , flying drone in the morning, and EagleCam in the afternoon/night. We recently provided both drone and ChaseJib to the production of Wheeler Dealers. We offer aerial stock shots of Iconic Los Angeles. As an LA native, with ten years of aerial cinematography, we’ve built up quite a library of LA’s famous locations. Reach out and let us know what you need.

Our services

We are excited about the launch of EagleCam a four winch Eagle Eye camera system can provide silent, safe, repeatable aerial shots to your production, augmented reality, show or concert. With speeds up to 6 mps and payloads up to 23 kg. The EagleCam is, powerful, reliable, versatile and intelligent. but most importantly for producers … affordable.

What makes this even more interesting to productions is that we can combine our services to provide more than one camera specialty at a time, bringing labor costs down. We shot season 9 of TBS WipeOut and provided drone in the morning, then EagleCam in the afternoon/Evening. We’ve provided both drone and ChaseJib to the production of Wheeler Dealers.

We also offer aerial stock shots of Los Angeles. As an LA native, and ten years of shooting with drones, we’ve built up quite a library of LA’s iconic locations. Reach out and let us know what you need!

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial cinematography is our specialty. We have been flying drones commercially since 2013. It’s our passion and what we love to do! We had a 333 exemption with the accompanying Part 61 (pilots license), and got our Part 107 certificate the first day it was available. To put it simply, we have 100% FAA approval, and we’re fully insured.
Our experience submitting POA’s (Plan of Activities) is extensive, as well as working with governing agencies who are in charge of approving UAS activity. The process is constantly changing and years of experience helps keep us fluid. We offer traditional GPS stabilized drones as well as FPV drones.

Flying the drone is only part of the equation

Providing awesome drone shots is just the part you see. Before we take on a job, we check airspace and help you along with the process of getting FAA approved, so you can be 100% compliant with all governing bodies. We have aircraft insurance to be complient. We discuss the job with you and your team to make sure we are providing you the proper drone and camera combination for your job.

We’ll show up with gear that’s prepped and checked insuring no hiccups when it’s time to roll. We always bring a back-up. We can follow directions and storyboards, and/or help you with creative input. We make sure your editors have plenty of coverage!


Think having a wirecam unit on your production is too costly? Think again! The EagleCam 4 winch camera system can provide silent, safe, repeatable aerial shots to your production, augmented reality, show or concert for about the cost of a Techno Crane 50. With speeds up to 6’ per second and payloads up to 50 lbs. Take your production value to the next level, and thrill your audience with exciting, cutting edge aerial camera movement!

TBS Wipeout Season 9 Intro


Powerful enough to fly a variety of camera payloads; the Eagle Eye has the power to fly broadcast cameras & cinema cameras with speeds up to 6m/sec.


The Eagle Eye is built with a 12:1 safety ratio, duplicate braking for secure transitions and an enhanced winch design capable of traversing silently over your cast, crowd or crew.


The Eagle Eye can fly a variety of stabilized heads to accommodate any productions need. It’s a modular system, quick to install, with minimal crew – 1D, 2D & 3D configurations are possible.


Programmable flight controls enable the pilot to maintain control in free flight, or easily program repeatable paths to ensure full control of the move over and over again.


The EagleCam is the most affordable wirecam unit available that can carry full cinema or TV camera + lens payloads.

Dronewrx has extensive experience with most stabilized camera specialties. We can provide your production: Rail-Cams, Car-cranes, boat mounts, cable cams and more. If we don’t do it, we can recommend someone that does.


Our main focus and love. We offer traditional stabliazed drones as well as FPV and some unique applications.


When a silent, safe, repeatable option is required the EagleCam is the perfect tool. See our specialty page for more info.


We found that most car shoots don't need an arm car so we developed a solution that streamlines permits and eliminates shut downs.


Does your production need a moving shot? We’ve mounted cameras to boats, UTV’s, motorcycles, bicycles and and of course cars and trucks. We maintain an extensive grip package to bring your ideas to fruition.

We’ve been developing this proprietary piece of gear for the past three years and now offer this as a service, or a rental. The beauty of this arm is that it works all stabilizers giving producers many options. We pair this with our custom Flowcine Black Arm + Tranquilizer to provide clients with the smoothest, jitter free shots available. With the Movi Xl we can over-sling gimbal to get different perspectives and angles.

Our resident expert, Eric Bergez (IATSE 600), is the North American re-seller for Flowcine can combine the Black Arm/Tranquilizer combo with any standard remote head for a combination that provides silky smooth camera movement. We feature the the extremely powerful MoVI XL (to hire or rent)

which can stabilize a camera package up to 55lbs, as well as accommodate larger form factors. We recently had a full film camera on this rig and it flew at high speed without a whimper. The more lightweight NEWTON, Movi Pro and Ronin 2 are also part of our “fleet”.

Our stabilizers are used on top TV shows on rail cams, cable cams, Techno-cranes and Jitta-jibs. Our remote camera work can be seen on Fox’s “The Masked Singer” and “So You Think You Can Dance?” and “Master Chef“. Hire us to turn any vehicle into the perfect stabilized camera support car, or use our Toyota Sequoia that comfortably seats five.

A combination of services, and our teams ability to multi-task, makes it simple and affordable to have multiple hero shots on your production. Our passion for moving shots doesn’t stop in the air. We can provide your production with professional quality stabilized camera shots at a price which will make your producer happy. Ask about combining services!