GODZILLA – King of the Monsters

GODZILLA – King of the Monsters

Dronewrx was honored to be a part of the professional drone company to be chosen to capture aerial images of the  GODZILLA KING OF ALL MONSTERS promotion/premier at the Cinerama Dome. This was a GIANT inflatable ballon, with lights shining out of the mouth. Working in conjunction with Drissi advertising, Warner Bros., Icarus Rigging and the worlds largest largest inflatable company – Inflatable Images, we worked with the team for four days to capturing the construction of Godzilla’s head, which appeared to be crashing thru the roof of the golf-ball shaped theater,  
Watching, and filming the guys that put together a one of a kind promotional piece for Godzilla was impressive. And when the balloon was inflated, it was MUCH bigger than I could’ve imagined! One of Dronewrx’s advantages is we are located in the heart of Hollywood, so showing up at The Dome we have by far the shortest commute time. Literally 5 minutes. Some of those days it was just to capture maybe an hour of footage, and if we had to commute from far away it would’ve added to the cost. By contrast. the guys from Inflatable Images came all the way from Cleveland Ohio and stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. 

The Director, Michael Dougherty and movies star, O’Shea Jackson Jr. were on hand to hit the button which lit the lights which shot into space from the King’s mouth.

Cinerama Dome movie premier/promotion for: Godzilla - King of the Monsters


Cinerama Dome movie premier/promotion for the movie

A fun promo short (17 seconds worth) shot from my perch on the LA Film School high above Sunset Blvd, across the street from the Cinerama Dome, in the heart of Hollywood, California

There’s fun jobs, then there’s one of a kind amazeballs jobs. We produced the entire thing and our final edit was used by Warner Bros entertainment. Special thanks to the creative team @ drissi advertising for giving us the nod, as well as @ losangelesfilmschool (which is in the original Motown building which is very cool in of itself) for helping us out with the ultimate rooftop perch.  All I can say is RRRAAAAWWRRRR!