COVID-19 / Coronavirus safety information + statement

Working safely thru the Corona-virus Pandemic

Like everyone on the planet, Dronewrx has been impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic. Our main priority is serving the needs of our customers while continuing uninterrupted operations during this time. We have the experience and the knowledge to make your production safe.

Redefining production with drones in the 2020 pandemic

We wanted to post some information about our experience working under new and different circumstances to showcase our knowledge with the hopes that you can learn something in the meantime. As you know, drones and remote heads can shoot talent without the need to have people get close or interact.  Therefore, we already have many procedures in place to allow our staff to operate remotely, without having to come near talent who can’t wear masks. In other words, we’ve been social distancing long before “covid 19” or “coronavirus” had invaded our daily lexicon.

Very early days of Corona-virus Pandemic

Back in March, just after the shut down happened, when the world was a weird and scary place we got hired to shoot the Rich Brian – Bali music video.  Brian’s video had a social distanced theme to where we created the illusion that Brian was sending gifts and money to people all over the greater Los Angeles area, using a drone as his delivery service. in conjunction with producer, Chris Heinrich, we navigated thru the early uncertain times safely. We helped produce what was a well received video that has over 7 million views to date. We traveled all over los Angeles shooting numerous locations and none of the crew or talent came down with the Corona-virus. Please see our blog that outlines this monumental and entertaining video. The song is great too!

Inside THE BOYS, the first show approved by all four unions

In June we worked on “Inside The Boys” starring Aisha Tyler. First off is she as funny and beautiful in person? Yes!  She was a pro on al levels and kept us from having to work any extra time as she pretty much never needs a second take. Nice to work with professionals!

Inside the Boys was an augmented reality show that interviewed the actors and producer of the show, that being Seth Rogan. Eric Bergez (Industry Sherpa our strategic partner) and I acted as rail cam techs for the show. We also built and rigged the rail. “Inside The Boys” was the first show to be approved by all four unions so we are intimately familiar with safety protocols. During that two weeks we were tested for Covid 19 three times. My eyes still water thinking about it. All measures were employed to protect the talent who cannot wear PPE on set, as well as making it almost impossible to spread Coronavirus (or any virus for that matter) to fellow crew members. In addition to constant testing and retesting, all work stations were separated by more than 10′. Our temperature was taken daily. Only hair and make up could get clse to the talant  and they were required to wear both face mask and clear shield. Kraft services intentionally sucked. No food line, and only packaged Costco style snacks. Anyone want some salted sugar? Food could only be eaten in a designated area. 

We recently took the “Safe Sets International” certification and passed with a 100% score. We encourage everyone to practice “safe sets” and  visit their site to learn the parameters and take the test. The more you know, the safer our industry will be. The safer our industry, the safer you, your production, and loved will be!

Contract Services, the agency contracted by the Motion Picture Industry for training production workers for safety, recently released their industry standard Covid-19 training course. We took the online class as soon as was possible and easily passed.