IT Chapter 2 Premiere Hollywood

IT – Chapter 2 premiere @ the Cinerama Dome, Hollywood

Dronewrx was honored to be a part of the It chapter 2 premiere Hollywood promotion at the Cinerama Dome. Working in conjunction with Drissi advertising, Warner Bros., Icarus Rigging and the worlds largest largest inflatable company – Inflatable Images, we met with the team early in the morning to start capturing the construction of the two iconic balloons, which are a cornerstone of the IT series of movies. This is a well oiled machine as this was the same team that worked on the Godzilla King of the Monsters premiere promotion, which we were part of back in back in May. One of Dronewrx’s advantages among all other drone companies is we are located in the heart of Hollywood, so showing up at the dome we have by far the shortest commute time. Literally minutes. In fact, the guys from Inflatable Images come all the way from Cleveland Ohio! As you can see from the video above, the design and execution was fairly simple compared to the Godzilla installation.

It chapter 2

it’s a little known secret that I can edit. While I don’t actively sell myself as an editor, I actually enjoy it once in a while. Based on what I had created for Drissi and Warner Bros. on Godzilla King of the Monsters video, I was asked to cut together the It Chapter 2 video. As you can assume i shot most of the footage with a drone, there was some footage captured on sticks and handheld. This time we only had one day of shooting, albeit a long day and into the night, we had pretty good luck with weather. The initial assembly ‘only’ took the guys a better part of one day. (Godzilla took 4 days for comparison). Then the powers that be decided that the balloons looked a little naked and they wanted “more”, so they had a team put up banners on the following Wednesday morning. With the premier happening on Thursday night we had a very small window to shoot the dome with the added banners and assets and rush back to the office to complete the editing before Thursday morning. Thankfully Warner Bros. social team was happy with what I did and put it out in time to promote the premier. All and all I’d have to say this was a smashing success. I have to say having 100% creative control certainly give me a sense of gratification and a job well done!