Game of Drones

Drones and dragons, two things that fly which capture peoples imagination! (or their images from the air)

Are drones kinda like a dragons in some ways? Do some people feel frightened and compelled to slay them? Considering all the anti drone technology that is springing up, and the anti drone sentiment I’ve been encountering lately, I would say a resounding YES. I personally work with another drone company out of San Diego, RevUS and they’ve been turning their attention to the Athena DDS Anti-drone technology which is taking off! And I get it, while the don’t spit fire, a drone in the wrong hands can be obnoxious and invasive…even worse, dangerous.  I personally try to keep as gentle a footprint as I possibly can as I want to be part of the solution. I like to think of myself as an ambassador, rather then that annoying guy next door with the drone trying to catch a glimpse of boob.

Would Daenerys Targaryen have 3 fire breathing Gryphon Dynamics X8’s and use them to plot her take over of the iron throne? Would Jon Snow and the Night’s watchmen use Phantom 4 Pro’s (with their extended range) to patrol beyond the wall? I’d like to think so! Obviously I like drones, but I also am aware that they can be obnoxious and not everyone wants a remote controlled-camera buzzing overhead, especially without their permission. So while I don’t like the idea of remote controlled flying cameras becoming so unpopular, I do like what’s happening in this video. Actually, I LOVE it!

I also love Game of Thrones (I’d say who doesn’t, but I know a few people who can’t groove on it’s formula of gore and sex) and entered this final run of the show with both excitement and sadness as it’s almost over. As we all know there’s now only  short seasons left. This video paints a vivid picture of a fore mentioned conflict of new technology VS old. While technology drives our lives, the old fashioned way still finds ways to win. As my friend Tim from Zerotech USA says; “just because the gun was invented, doesn’t mean you can’t kill someone with a bow and arrow!” Of course he was referring to when the new drone comes out, the “old” one still can get footage, even tho we become lemmings to having the latest DJI thing.

I have to wonder if the angry horde attacked after the King slayers smack down?

“When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me!”

Ok ok, I know, it’s a corny headline, but I’ve been wanting to use it in something for a long time, and had some fun creating that graphic. But while flying drones for a living is like playing the coolest video game E_V_E_R, it’s also serious business now. I’m am currently sitting and waiting for “Insurance endorsements” from my insurance company. I’ve had drone insurance now for 3 years but have only ever been asked for Insurance certificates, aka “certs”. This is something new for Film LAand California State Parks, along with a “FILM LA Drone Questionnaire”. This job was dropped in my lap at 3:00 on Friday, because the pilot that they had didn’t have a true policy, and couldn’t produce all the necessary paperwork. Not to mention my insurance company closes at 4:00. The client was also asking for a POA, my drone registration card(s), insurance declarations, the questionnaire and the rare and elusive Insurance Endorsement. I’m betting 99% of all the pilots who got a Part 107since August of last year have no clue what any of this is. I keep it all in a file ready to go. I know what they’re going to ask for before they ask for it.

This is where life in 2017 for drone pilots has gotten ugly, but at the same time I guess it’s a way to separate the amateurs and the pros which I’m ultimately grateful for. Of course I understand that drones can be dangerous, but not as much as a car, or a plane, etc. How many people DIE a year because of cars? Planes? Drones? I have yet to hear of one death or serious injury. I had a “non-owned pilot policy when I was learning to fly A PLANE that costed $250 a year, and that plane weighed 1,000+ with two pilots on board. So what are they charging such a huge premium for? A seven pound flying camera? I have never in my 5 years of piloting a drone hit a person, but in my younger years I did crash a couple cars. Right now for two, two ton plus vehicles I can get liability, collision and all sorts of coverage for less then I can get for a few drones. And forget it if you want hull coverage (I dropped that this year in favor of DJI’s fix-it plan). Is this just the insurance companies taking advantage of a new industry? I dunno, I’m just ranting. I love what I do and it’s exciting to be in a brand new industry that changes on a daily basis, and nothing worth doing is easy.