FAA Inches toward making commercial drones legal

As you know flying Drones, UAV’s, UASs’s, Multi-rotors or whatever we’re supposed to call them for commercial purposes is a gray area. Technically nobody is supposed to charge for flying which is gotten around a multitude of ways. Seems like every day I’m noticing a low flying shot in productions and pointing it out to my girlfriend. The odd part of the equation is that they don’t offer any sort of regulation for hobbyists, or even a pamphlet outlining safe flying, which in my opinion are a much greater danger to the public. IE the guy who gets a drone for Christmas and wants to go get a close up of planes taking off.  Bad idea, bro! I’ve been doing it for close to three years now and I’ve learned that you can’t take things for granted and you have to take all precautions. Well, hopefully that will change and with the billions of dollars and thousands of jobs on the table I’m betting we’ll be able to do what we do for a long time coming. We’ve all been watching the FAA to see how they’re going to rule and with the following news release it appears that they are going to do what we all thought they would do all along.  Make Unmanned Aerial Vehicles legal, safer and able to continue giving commercial film-makers this newly found level of production we’ve all grown accustomed to. Here’s the full story: https://www.faa.gov/uas/ Keep it up! DWX