Shooting for HBO and Curb Your Enthusiasm was a milestone for my career. This took place over a few nights back in 2017 and had some things that happened at the time that make it an interesting story. This shoot was to provide the aerial footage plus I shot some plates that had the Larry David “Batman” light pasted in. My first phone meeting with the production team, it was determined that they were unsure of where to shoot. So I did a scout of multiple proposed locations with my trusty Phantom on the back of my Kawasaki KLR 650. Once production figured out where they wanted to shoot, we planned on Meeting at MacArthur park on Sunday night. I was supposed to use an Inspire 1 with a X5R camera on it, but the one I was supposed to used was stuck in an RV in Coachella. So I found one on a new website called Sharegrid. When I met the person from in Glendale, she was a very pretty/busty latin girl. While I checked out the camera we made small talk, and I asked her what she shot and she said in a broken accent: “I shoot the porn”. I actually didn’t know what to say at that moment.

The first Sunday night we were supposed to shoot, only the technical director showed up. As I mentioned they had also hired me to shoot some plates for  EFX. So after MacArthur park we went to a location next to 6th street and the Harbor Freeway. There was a “community” of homeless people living right there. Despite one guy yelling at the moon 25′ from where we were shooting we started to get the shots they wanted. Originally we were going to record from my A7S II to my Atomos Flame, but it wasn’t working right, so my only choice was an Odyssy 7Q, a piece of gear I had never used. When I handed Tom the monitor for approval, his thumb hit the false color button which is unnoticeable. Neither of us knew what happened and started trouble shooting cables.