Drew Cobb, head pilot for Dronewrx, flying an Inspire 2 drone with X7 camera at the Hollywood sign

Professional Aerial Cinematography + Vehicle Mounted Stablization + Camera Specialty

With a name like Dronewrx, obviously we specialize in professional aerial cinematography. We started flying drones commercially in 2012. As our experience and crew continue to grow, so do our services. Our founder, Drew Cobb, has been producing video content for years working in various aspects of TV and movie production. A lifetime of experiences lead Drew to a career of professional aerial cinematography. We also offer innovative ways to get our services to remote locations. Including an E-Mountian Bike and Dual Sport motorcycle. We can go further and get there faster.

Over the past few years we have expanded our services to include: Car-to-car vehicle stabilization that includes a five person pursuit vehicle. We offer our budget conscious clients car shots using the Flowcine Black arm, all the way up the Motocrane Ultra, offering the Movi Pro, Ronin 2, and Movi XL stabilized heads.  (Eric Bergez, our camera op/tech is a Flowcine and Movi dealer so you could say we are THE authority)

We’re especially excited about our own proprietary car-to-car solution called the Chase Jib. With what we’ve learned on car shoots, we took that knowledge and feedback from producers. This device can offer clients Russian Arm style moving shots, for a fraction of the cost. But most importantly can be operated on highways & city streets without having to obtain permits or road closures. Having these services in house we offer amazing package deals, which will save your production money. Ask about our car-to-car/drone packages!

Another camera specialty offered by Dronewrx is ‘REEL-Motion’ an electric unicycle, capable of speeds up to 20mph and the ability to record sound (see video below). No drone, car, or motorcycle can do that!

Our credit list is long, and our experience vast.