As someone who has worked in production long before drones were even a consideration, Drew and his crew, bring a level of skill required when important shots are on the line, and a creative eye when it is required. His easy going nature and positive attitude are always welcome assets. “We are members of your team and work with productions to obtain the best possible results.” But we also keep our costs down. While many of our competitors have high overhead with permanent staff, producers, store fronts, etc. we keep our overhead to a minimum and are able to provide the same quality service, at a fraction of the cost.

However our expertise doesn’t end when we’re on the ground. We offer a full range of stabilized camera services, including a 5 person pursuit vehicle, with Movi XL, Roller blades as moving platform, and REEL-Motion an electric unicycle, capable of speeds over 20mph and the ability to record sound (see video below). No drone, car, or motorcycle can do that!

Our recent credits include CBS “Amazing race – Big Brother edition”, YouTube – “Ryan Hansen Solves Crime on TV”, NBC’s “Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge”, Turner Broadcasting “You can do Better”, “NBC’s Law&Order True crime – The Menendez Murders” and HBO – Batman parody for the re-release of “Curb your Enthusiasm“, plus two major motorcycle manufactures 2019 commercials for their new releases.

Vehicle mounted stabilization

Dronewrx offers a super affordable and easy way to rig vehicle stabilization solutions for pretty much any application. If you are looking for high-speed motorcycle action, simple car to car solutions or super smooth images on the open water, we have a solution to accommodate any budget.

Our resident expert, Eric Bergez (IATSE 600), is the North American re-seller for Flowcine and can combine the Flowcine Black Arm with any standard remote head for a combination that gets silky smooth camera support. We feature the MoVI XL (to hire or rent) which is super powerful and can stabilize a camera package up to 55lbs. We also offer the  lightweight NEWTON, Movi Pro and Ronin 2. Our stablizers have been used on rail cams, cable cams and the brand new “Sky Tehno” which was debuted on the Upcoming show “The Wheel”. More of our remote camera work can be seen on Fox Channel “The Masked Singer” and “So You Think You Can Dance?” Hire us to turn almost any vehicle into the perfect stabilized camera support car, or use our Toyota Tundra that can seat 5 comfortably. . Our combination of services, and our teams ability to multi-task makes it simple and affordable to have multiple hero shots on your production.

Pioneering new ways to move a camera!

The Electric Unicycle, or EUC is a revolutionary way to move a camera smoothly and we call it Reel-Motion. People have been doing a version of this using a Segway for a couple years, but a Segway is wide, cumbersome and tops out at 12.5 mph. Others use motorized skateboards but they have their own limitations among them small wheels which are dangerous at higher speeds and much less maneuverable.

On our EUC, we’re capable of reaching speeds of +25 mph with a camera in hand and the narrow profile allows us to slip thru small spaces. Because of the nature of the platform (and steady hands), we can achieve smooth shots even without a stabilizer. The large wheel navigates rough terrain better than any other platform of this nature and is much more maneuverable. This unique vehicle is ideal for shooting bicycles, runners, slow moving cars & trucks. (See video >) We were recently able to get dynamic down low and up high close-ups of a remote driving big rig for Sigma Integrale’. (See Project Meteor) Being able to travel thru tight spaces and narrow spaces gives your production new options. For instance: the isle at the grocery store, a hallway chase scene, a tunnel, a doorway, etc. An aspect that all producers love, is we’re ready to shoot literally in seconds, can record sound and can go from ground level, to 10′ high!

Flying is our passion!

With a name like Dronewrx, obviously we specialize in aerial cinematography, in fact, flying is our passion! We have been flying drones commercially since 2102. We have a 333 Exemption with the accompanying Part 61 (pilots license), and a Part 107 certificate (UAV Licence) with the Part 107.29 night waiver. We have all the FAA approval your production needs, and of course we’re fully insured. We’ve had lots of experience submitting POA’s (Plan of Activities) and working with various governing agencies getting approval for drone activity. In fact we were the first pilot to be sanctioned to fly at the Seattle Space needle, which was a 2 month approval process.

We offer budget conscious productions the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, which is also great for flying indoors or when you don’t want to call lots of attention to the fact that there’s a drone filming the event, like a wedding.

We feature aerial services using the Inspire 2, and have logged hundred of hours using this and its predecessor, the Inspire 1. The Inspire 2 has become the industry standard for TV and movie production. We offer the X5S camera which shoots up to 5.2K in Cinema DNG and Apple Pro Res on a micro 4/3 camera sensor, and shoots better in low light. We also feature the X7 Camera which shoots up to 6K on a Super 35 sensor, and provides cinema worthy images.

We also can provide heavy lift platforms which can lift Alexa Mini, RED Epic and even a Phantom 4K flex. We use the Freefly Alta 8, the Gryphon the Intuitive Aerial Aerigon, which is a 12 motor Hex and are one of the few drone companies that can offer this craft.

For more information about choosing the right pilot and camera for your production, please see our blog post: 5 Essential questions producers should ask drone operators: